It's Time To Sell Back Textbooks!

by James Campos

College students everywhere know that it's time to sell back textbooks. This is the time when you get a chance to see the net worth of all of those expensive textbooks that you paid so much for. It's also a great time to pick through the assortment of used books that are available.

People always sell back textbooks, but you will miss out if you didn't register early enough to obtain your schedule. This is usually what many students fail to think about. Many of them are so busying selling books that they forget that they will need to scope out the used books that are available for their new classes.

Some students that miss out on purchasing used textbooks chose to rent textbooks. This is actually not a bad idea if you can acquire the books for less than used book prices. You have to stay consciously aware of what will sell and what doesn't have any value anymore. This is the only way that you will have any idea of what your books are worth.

Certain classes can get a new edition every year, and this totally kills your resale possibilities in concerns to used book stores. You are not, however, totally out of the picture for reselling to students. There are some students that will buy or rent textbooks even if they are not the current edition. The information is often the same, but the content is on different pages. Students that are interested in saving money will jump at the chance to buy textbooks like this.

When you sell back textbooks you may be surprised to find that you don't get nearly as much as the price that you originally paid for it. It's true that books that are in better condition can earn more, but overall you will find yourself fortunate just to earn half of the original cost. You should not let this discourage you, however, because any money back is better than none at all.

You can check around at several book stores because some stores will offer a little more for your old books than others. The ability to sell back textbooks often hinges on the popularity of the book. You're going to have a hard time, for example, if hundreds of students returned the same book that you're trying to get rid of. You may even find yourself insulted by the prices that are offered for some of these books once they have lots of used one back in stock.

You may consider keeping it. You should probably ask yourself if you're really going to do anything with it if you keep it though. Accepting a couple of bucks for a book that you paid a lot for may sound insane, but it's still money nevertheless. You could keep the book, but it would just be a dust collecting symbol of your pride. It will probably get tossed in the trash or given away later on. Forget your expectations, swallow your pride, take the money and run.

Another insight that may bust your return on investment bubble has to do with the type of books that you're expecting to resell. The books for general classes usually fail to earn much. Some of these books are lightweight and inexpensive even when they are new. You can't really expect to get much for these if you didn't pay much for them in the first place. This is also another case scenario where you must push your pride to the side and chant "show me the money" when the offer is made.

You have to get your mind geared towards selling and moving on. This will give you the money that you need to rent books. You may be able to rent textbooks fairly cheap with the same small amounts of money that you received from selling your books. This is fairly common when dive in your major. Lots of students that are taking the major courses feel compelled to keep these course books as reference guides. These are the students that are more likely to rent textbooks than anyone else. It's a perfect two-way street that benefits the both the student that is renting the book as well as the one the one who is utilizing it for another semester.

Students have the best luck when the semester is beginning or ending. These are the best times to get the most money for the books that are being sold. You may be able to sell books during the semester, but these are not the true money earning periods. Take you books in early if you really want a chance to get any resale value. Don't waste time. When it's time to sell those books back get out there as early as you can.

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The importance of applicant screening

by Amit Puri

A standard worry when hiring a candidate is whether or not the applicant has mentioned the truth about various features of their background. It isn't unlikely for candidates to feel that they are more likely to getjob opportunities if they distort their age, cover-up gaps in their work experience and declare to have educational degrees and diplomas they don't truly have. This happens more than you think for jobs in Singapore and also other places in the world, when people try to search for jobs

Whereas there is comparatively little research on the accuracy of applicant data, there is some proof which may make clear the facts. A study by a verification service in Minneapolis (U.S.), found that nearly 33% of applicants' academic and job data had been inaccurate. An examination into 111 job application forms submitted by people applying for jobs as nurse aids, found that forms were often incorrect for earlier wage earned (seventy two percent) and duration of previous work experience (57%). 15% of firms stated by the candidates as being previous employers, had no record employing them.

In one other study (by Powerchex - a pre-employment screening firm) of four thousand job applications by graduates in the United Kingdom, it was found that graduates with less than a 2.1 GPA face an especially high temptation to hide the mediocrity of their academic grades because many attractive companies reject them before even the first-interview stage. Arts and humanities graduates are probably the most susceptible to over-stating achievements. Twenty two percent of those who apply for roles in financial services are guilty of CV 'discrepancies'. These range from excessively playing up job duties, to even more severe lies involving employment histories and college degrees. Mathematics graduates were the most sincere about their background, with only 6% responsible of resume inaccuracies.

Main point for for organisations: Do not take for granted that info supplied by job candidates is all the time right and accurate.

Implications for job seekers: More and more corporates are realising the necessity to confirm the information you provide them. Do not harm your probabilities of getting a job you may get by mis-representing yourself.

About the Author:

Amit Puri has over 10 years of career advisory & management expertise. He heads Sandbox Advisors a job search consulting firm in Singapore.Visit their site (Career & Job Search Insights), for news & tips, on cover letter samples, job interview questions and answers, job openings, career choice & more.

Failing At Goals Is A Good Thing!

by Nick Bogatin

Are ya nuts? What are you thinking? Failing is painful! Not reaching our goals is the worst outcome we could think of!!

We bet you're thinking something along those lines right now, and you could be right. We don't' always look at things the same way as others, but our theory is pretty simple. Check it out.

If you consider this logically, the goals you set are objective. You seek a positive outcome when you achieve them. In order to reach our goals, we get to "grow," and growth can be painful. It doesn't matter if it's emotional, physical, or mental growth, the possibility is that it will be painful, but "no pain, no gain," right? The benefits to this kind of growth are abundant.

How does all of this relate to failing at goals being a good thing?

The truth is, if you aren't failing at reaching your goals, then something else is at work, and it's far worse than simply not achieving goals you set. Let's suppose you reach every goal you set for yourself, would you agree that it's possible you are setting the bar too low? Can you see how this could be a worse problem? Most people live to avoid pain, and falling short of a goal, might be considered painful, so even unconsciously, you might be setting easy-to-reach goals to protect yourself from feeling the pain of failure. But, can you see how that keeps you from living up to your potential overall?

Reaching your goals all the time simply means you aren't growing. Ever heard, "No pain - no gain?" Growth can be painful, but it's how we evolve, and it's necessary to live a fulfilled life. When you strive for a goal, you get to reach higher than you thought possible, and sometimes you'll reach and grab ahold, and sometimes you'll miss, but each time you're stretching yourself, and that is the definition of growth. It's more about the process and less about the result.

The nice thing about this process is that whether you make the deadline, achieve the impossible, or fall a little short of the mark, the growth you go through is yours forever. THAT is the power of goals. That is the power of life.

We set a goal for ourselves. It's a lofty goal, to be sure. We'll share it with you. We are committed to writing, editing and publishing over 50,000 words of content for a project. Remember having to write a 10,000 word paper in college? Seems tough. And it IS a lot of work, but consider this - Our target is to have it done in 14 days from start to finish.

We knew when we set the target finish date that it was going to test us. But here's what we're finding... after just a few days of working on this project, we've learned two things that are going to save us an enormous amount of time. Whether we finish in 14 days or 16 days, do you think that if we hadn't had such a challenging goal that we would have ever discovered these techniques? And can these lessons learned serve us in the future? We say in the face of failure, "Bring it on!"

We believe that failing at goals can be GREAT! Every failure offers opportunities. We learn, grow, make adjustments, ask questions, and to assess the approach we take. Nothing could possibly hold more value.

Don't get us wrong. We don't want to fail. We simply choose to see the positive perspective when things don't go as planned. Our bottom line goal is to live a fulfilled life, and this is a way we've found to overcome our fear of failure. We know that with every failure is an opportunity to learn and we embrace that.

One day we came across a mentor who taught us that the basic difference between a good life and one that was extraordinary was the shift in our focus from our goals to our BHAGs. What is a BHAG you ask?

It stands for: Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

These are the goals that are so big, so enormous, and so "impossible" that you have no clue how you are ever going to achieve them and that scares you. Don't let that fear keep you from going after it. The only way to eliminate fear is to face it. Courage is not the absence of fear but going on in spite of the fear.

In summary, failing at goals is an initial shock to your ego but it is a great learning and growth opportunity. Choose to go after your BHAGs and if you fail, celebrate your growth. If you succeed, your life will never be the same.

About the Author:

Learn the most important techniques for goal setting by visiting our site. Also, be sure to check out our powerful goals blog for other powerful articles.

The Benefits Of A Good Medical School

by John Smith

If you're curious about the medical field, entering medical school will be the most effective way to improve your understanding. Nevertheless with the various options of medical schools available now, you've got to select the right school that mostly suits your interest.

At this time, this paper will give you some info about choosing medical school which will help you to meet the right school you are looking for. Before you are selecting a certain school, the most vital thing that you have got to do is to study hard. Since entering medical school isn't particularly easy, making preparation with study hard is the most necessary thing you've got to do. The very next thing that you have got to do is to make list about your schools of interest.

You can begin by making list of your ultimate school like Johns Hopkins Medical, Duke Varsity, and The College of Michigan. After that, you can move on some good medical schools like the School of North Carolina and North-western. Also, you've got to make extra list of some schools for other alternatives if you aren't accepted to one of them.

Additionally, you want to select a medical school that is suitable with your speciality. Since the speciality in medical field is changed, you've got to decide your speciality so you will be simpler to enter the school which offers speciality you're on the lookout for.

You can try to hunt for the info from the site or you may visit the school to chat with the scholar confidant. Finally , you have got to consider the location. If you can find a good school near your home, you don't need to go too far. Selecting school near your house will help you to safe cost for transport, room, and so forth. Therefore from the data above, now you can begin to select the right school you are craving for. Good luck!

About the Author:

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Best School For Holistic Health

by Dr. Joseph Smith

Holistic health is becoming far more popular in the USA. Given the flux of healthcare in our country, people want health solutions which are affordable, effective, and lasting. If you're considering a job in the medical field, you would do well to turn into a holistic practitioner.

There are numerous benefits with practicing holistic health. The original being there are no synthetic medicines used within the field. Which means you aren't clogging your clients with chemicals which may possibly make them even sicker compared to they are already or which they might become dependant on.

Instead, holistic health concentrates on using natural remedies such as herbs. These herbs work with the body's natural healing mechanisms to help with healing and wellness.

Second, holistic health only performs surgery when it's absolutely necessary. Invasive surgeries are damaging to the body, and too often are used as a first option instead of a last resort.

The beauty of holistic health is the fact that it focuses on prevention rather than cure. I believe everybody can agree it is easier to never become ill and never desire a cure rather than be ill and need help.

If you wish to become a holistic practitioner you have to become licensed. The most effective school to obtain your own certification is actually Natural Healing College. They've the best system available. The school uses advanced distance learning technologies to bring their classes right to you.

After you graduate NHC is just as helpful as they were when you were taking classes. They help you start your career by trying to get you internships, providing business consultation, and much more. The best part is that the tuition at NHC is the most affordable of any school out there, costing only a fraction of comparable programs.

If you want to start a new career as a holistic health practitioner, Natural Healing College is the best place to earn your certification. The school is affordable, the program is extremely educational, and the distance learning is unbeatable.

About the Author:

Thinking about becoming a holistic health practitioner? Study with Natural Healing College!

Earn Dollars Successfully Via Paid Survey Sites

by Emily Jacksen

On the web paid surveys have recently earned a brand new surge in popularity. If you have a family members or other commitments like college or university, a component time job is just out of the question.

Following recognizing the fact that you simply could earn further income by means of make money online surveys, you'll want to instantly act to complete survey forms. The survey firms are hired to conduct the market investigation for the client so as to give it a much better picture of how well its product has been accepted inside the marketplace.

Appropriate now, you can find millions of Net shoppers and home-based professionals who intend to create additional cash via completing paid on the internet surveys.

Several individuals are nonetheless sceptical about how paid surveys can earn additional earnings for them even I call it component time jobs for teens. Maybe, the decent money involved in the job so easy, will be the main cause behind the discrepancy.

Sure the cash would be good but where are you going to locate the time. I required some extra cash but didn't have the time for a aspect time job due to other commitments.

By Carrying out so may not allow you to get wealthy overnight but you might surely earn a decent amount of revenue so you could have much more money to invest. The very best characteristic about this job is, how much you would like to work, when do you would like to work and exactly where do you want to work; these are completely the participant's unforced decisions.

Currently, several survey firms abound across the web. You ought to be aware that not all of them are reputable and should be trusted. Some of them might not be ideal in terms of compensation although other people may very well be considered as scams. Even if you have registered to become an active member of a survey web site and for some reason you can not take up the work at that moment, then also that you are not fined or fired! You'll be acquiring the details of the surveys to be performed on your e mail.

About the Author:

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Play Piano by Ear - An Excellent Skill

by Edith Green

Lots of want-to-be pianists battle to discover the basics of piano taking part in. 1 major problem that they've is that they can't play the piano by ear. You've to find out the exact methods needed to ensure that you can easily cope with your piano lessons. If you don't wish to end up like other unsuccessful novice gamers, carry on reading.

Taking part in the piano by ear is truly effective. In fact, it has been proven by many individuals including the piano teachers and advanced college students. It is challenging to learn but ever because you had been born, you are constantly learning. Life indicates learning and you can't just stop it. Everyday, you learn new issues and don't you believe it's time to learn to play the piano?

The piano songs are categorized according to grades. For you personally to become in a position to play piano songs in between grades 5 to 8, it would get 7 or eight years of piano lessons. So that you see, you can't learn to play the piano in a week's time. If you see some claims online telling you that they can assist you to learn the piano in a few days, that's not accurate. If you want to learn how you can play the piano, it requires months and to some, even many years, of dedication and persistence.

You can significantly improve your studying skills if you discover a particular technique known as 'playing by ear'. This can be a great technique that is proven extremely effective. Can you envision your self taking part in a brand new tune inside your piano? That is possible. As soon as you learn this technique or method, whenever you hear a song over the radio, you are able to effortlessly play it around the piano.

In the event you think that this technique is only suited for the advanced pianists, you're quite incorrect. Nevertheless, it can assist advanced players a great deal but when you're just beginning to take your lessons, this really is the best time to discover this technique or method.

Having to pay for your piano lessons is quite costly. You also have to buy music books. In the event you can do with out these additional expenses, you can save a lot of cash. If you're truly serious in studying to play the piano, you are able to discover this technique. But if you simply want to have fun, you'll have a hard time in dealing with the lessons.

Discover to play piano by ear now. This is a method that each desiring pianist ought to discover. If your piano teacher currently knows about this method, you can ask her or him to teach you. Usually be patient when getting your lessons. Aside from learning about the various chords and notes of the piano, you also need to study your music pieces.

For you to be in a position to play gracefully and just like the experts, you've to understand the method. If your instructor can't help you, then discover another learning option that will have the ability to educate you what you'll need to know.

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